2013 Hancock County Farm Bureau Photo Contest 

We would like to say "Thank You" to all who entered photos for the 2013 Hancock County Farm Bureau Women's Committee photo contest.   There is a tremendous amount of very talented photographers living here in Hancock County!!   

Cover - photo submitted by: Jillian Vass 

January - photo submitted by: Dan Hanson Family 

February - photo submitted by: Dan Hanson Family 

March - photo submitted by: Leia Morrison 

April - photo submitted by: Marilee Jacquot 

May - photo submitted by: Amanda Crumrine 

June - photo submitted by: Kari Jefferson 

July - photo submitted by: Dianne Balmer 

September - photo submitted by: Gretchen Blythe 

August - photo submitted by: Dan Hanson Family 

October - photo submitted by: Lindsey Leach 

November - photo submitted by: Susan Starr 

December - photo submitted by: Kari Jefferson 

 Farm Bureau Celebrates 100th Anniversary – Thank You

The Hancock County Farm Bureau celebrated their 100th anniversary Saturday, June 29th at the Sullivan and Sons Auction facility in Carthage.  Nearly 350 people came out to celebrate the milestone. 

I would like to take some time to personally thank everyone who made last night possible. I would first like to thank my Administrative Assistant, Angel Brewer for assisting with all of the details throughout the planning process, and Nadine Blair for assisting in the history research. They're work cannot be gone overlooked. They are fantastic. 

The entire HCFB board members and spouses that helped make the evening possible. I couldn't imagine putting this event on without all of your hard work. I had some of the best bake bean serving, lemonade making and cake cutting helpers I could ask for. Your leadership and volunteerism is one of a kind!

Thank you to IFB's Vice President, Rich Guebert for giving our key note. I hope you enjoyed the evening with many of Hancock County's members. As well another thank you to Hancock County's very own and IAA District 9 Director Terry Pope for coming out for all of the fun. A BIG THANK YOU to IFB's Melissa Rhode and Ryan Whitehouse - I know the members enjoyed talking to each of you. I greatly appreciate you two for making it out to our county! 

Ben Sinele, Mary Carroll, Jessica Abrego, Taylor Hardy, Stephani Mulch, and Kayla Peterson - I cannot thank each of you enough for taking your Saturday night to help the Farm Bureau. You were fantastic with the kids at the tractor pull and worked your tails off for us. Thanks! 

A thank you to all of our vendors those were crucial to the night. Our caterer Jerri Harl for providing the sides, the Western Illinois Pork Producers and Hancock County Beef Producers for cooking the meat, Mike & Kelly Sullivan for providing a fantastic facility, Highway 99 for entertaining the crowd and the Hancock County Health Department for providing screenings for the attendees. Thank you to David Harrison with the tractor pull as well as Carthage Dairy Queen for donating a free soft serve cone to each of the kids.  It is certain that all of the kids who participated enjoyed the fun! And finally Dawn Weinburg for providing the Ag in the Classroom display and supplies, as well as Sharon Barr and Kerri Hamman for sharing the materials with the crowd. 

Finally, I would like to thank the individuals and businesses that donated items to the live auction. And another thank you to Mike Sullivan and his staff for auctioning off the items for us. At our preliminary count we have collected over $7,000 for interested county fire departments for the purchase of grain rescue tubes. Thank you to everyone who purchased items!

I apologize if I have missed anyone throughout this - I would like to make it certain your work did not go unnoticed. 

As we finish up our celebration. Let us think about the future - we have future generations we need to help by protecting the agriculture industry and the rural life.

I would like to share these pictures of some of our youngest guests taken throughout the night. Let us remember, that our next generation is already watching. Before long they will be the face of the industry that we are all so passionate about. Let's remember to stick together and look towards the future and what our organization needs to do, in order to be the voice of agriculture for another 100 years.

Thank You,
Sara Brockman
Hancock County Manager


Hancock County Farm Bureau – Celebrating our Past

100 Years of History

On March 27, 1913 farmers met at the court-house in Carthage to form what is today Hancock County Farm Bureau.  This first organization was called the Soil Improvement Association.  April 1, 1918 the name was changed to Hancock County Farm Bureau.

In 1919 Hancock County Farm Bureau along with other Farm Bureau’s, organized the Illinois Agricultural Association.

In 1923, the organization was instrumental in forming a cooperative for the purchase and distribution of petroleum products. They were also able, thru the I.A.A., to promote legislation of the Capper-Volstead Act, which allows cooperatives to function.

In 1926, farmers had a need for affordable insurance for farm vehicles.  HCFB along with other FB’s in Illinois and IAA found solutions by forming their own insurance company, today’s County Companies.

n the 30’s there was a need for electric power in rural areas, and HCFB was instrumental in seeing that every farm would have electricity available by helping to organize with Western Illinois Electric Co-Op.

In the late 30’s & 40’s, Prairie Farms Dairy, Interstate Producers Livestock Assoc. and Hancock Grain Co. came into being for the express purpose of providing a better means of selling commodities.

The Hancock Supply Company was another crucial component in HCFB’s history, as it was the largest livestock health supply company in the county and kept the organization flourishing for years.

And so it had gone up until the present…Farmers seeing needs and then finding solutions. 

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