You don't have to be a farmer!  ANYONE can become a Hancock County Farm Bureau member!  

By being a member of the Hancock County Farm Bureau, you can take advantage of all the State and Local savings just by showing your membership card at participating businesses.   To find out about Illinois Farm Bureau member benefits, click on the link below... 

In addition to state benefits, Hancock County Farm Bureau offers many local member benefits as well.  Those benefits include:

Carthage Golf Course
18 holes with cart - $20
MORE Medical
525 Main St. 
Carthage, IL 
10% off any item/equipment (except items/equipment billed to insurance or sale/discounted items/equipment)
Lake Hill Winery
1822 E County Road 1540
Carthage, IL 
$5 off a $50 purchase
Menn's Firestone
97 S Adams St
Carthage, IL 
Free nitrogen inflation with purchase of 4 new passenger or light truck tires
Baxter's Vineyard & Winery
2010 E Parley St
Nauvoo, IL 
10% off bottled wine purchase


Associate Members of the Farm Bureau are often referred to as “A” members.  The annual dues for an “A” membership are $20. “A” members have less than $2500 of gross annual farm income. 

“Farming’ members of the Hancock County Farm Bureau are often referred to as “MM” members.  To qualify as an “MM” member, a person must have a substantial financial interest in the production of agricultural products, at least $2500 of gross annual farm income per year.  This can be from the sale of agriculture commodities such as corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, hogs, sheep, or cash rent from farmland.  The annual dues for an “MM” membership are $70 in Hancock County.  The Hancock County Farm Bureau’s membership year is October 1 – September 30.  Members that join during the year pay on a prorated basis.  Please contact the local Farm Bureau office at 217-357-3141 for rates.